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Experts in car diagnostics since 2001
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USB Engine package for 2001+ petrol, 2004+ diesel

USB OBDII / EOBD Car Scan Tool diagnostics interface - For 2001+ petrol, 2004+ diesel cars

Product Code: STN327

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(6 reviews)

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£ 69.95
Includes VAT! - FREE delivery!
Availability: In stock In Stock!
Shipped same working day.

£ 69.95
Availability: In Stock! Shipped same working day.

Product details

Is your Check Engine light on?

Direct USB connection!
USB Connection
Based on the ELM 327 interface chip, these kits are one of the lowest-
cost means of talking to modern cars

Interface can also be used with other software supporting the ELM327 chipset.

Technical info:
STN1110 chip
(faster than ELM327 chip)
Supported protocols:

Connect your PC to your car!

Award-winning EngineCheck diagnostics package!

EngineCheck diagnostics software - click for more details

Covers 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars

Easy-to-use multi-protocol package to connect your PC to any OBDII or EOBD compliant car (2001+ petrol car, 2004+ diesel car).

  • OBD-II / EOBD car interface 1.8m
  • Instruction guide
Why take your car to the dealer for a code-read? You can now read and clear your engine fault codes, and view live engine information on your own driveway!

For more details on the EngineCheck software, please visit the EngineCheck website

Why doesn't it work on all cars from 1996?
"The same/similar product from other suppliers works on all 1996 and newer cars...why doesn't yours?"
Please click here for more information

What is included in the kit?

  • OBDLink SX USB interface 1.8m
  • EngineCheck download, activation and licence details
Please note: Software not shipped on CD - software download information sent by email.

About the OBDLink SX interface
  • Features the new STN1110 chip
  • The STN1110 chip supports the full ELM327 command set and an extended command set adding many enhanced features
  • The STN1110 is up to 10 times faster than the ELM327 chip
  • 4 times as much flash memory as ELM327 chip
  • Over 5 times the RAM of the ELM327 chip
  • The STN1110 is Firmware updateable while the ELM327 requires the chip to be replaced with each new version

Which cars can I connect to?

This interface will allow you to connect to your EOBD or OBDII compliant car. These are petrol cars sold from new within the European Union from 2001 and diesel cars sold from 2004.
(Passenger cars with fewer than 10 seats and a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of less than 2500kg)

Please email us if you would like to confirm compatibility with your car.

Diagnostic connector
For information on the pins required in the diagnostic port for the support of each of the above protocols, please click here.

Product returns

Please note the price of this item includes a licence for the EngineCheck software, which requires activation before use.

If the product is returned to us as an unwanted item, or because it was purchased for an incompatible vehicle, we cannot provide a refund of the cost of the software (£30.59) once an activation code has been requested.

The remainder of the cost of the item may be refunded, in line with our standard returns policy.

Product comparison

Feature EngineCheck package EngineCheck Pro
Package contents - OBDLink SX USB interface
- Software supplied as download
- OBDLink SX USB interface
- Software supplied on CD
- Printed user manual
- Hard plastic carry case
Fault code definitions Generic (P0xxx/P2xxx etc) only (over 4,700 definitions) Over 21,000 definitions - generic & manufacturer-specific
Live engine sensor data Yes Yes
Live oxygen sensor graphs Yes (subject to vehicle support) Yes (subject to vehicle support)
Mode 5 oxygen sensor test results No Yes (subject to vehicle support)
Control module support Engine management & emissions Usually engine management & emissions only, but if other modules respond on EOBD protocols, will offer each module for connection
Printable pages - Fault code report
- On-board test results
- Fault code report
- On-board test results
- Oxygen sensor info
- Live data graphs
- Recorded data playback
Software updates Free Free - typically released 3-6 months before EngineCheck

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a different interface/connector for each car?
Does the interface ship with software on CD?
Do these interfaces work with UK cars before 2001?
I have seen these/similar products advertised as working on all 1996 and newer cars - why don't these?
Will it reset the ECU and Check Engine light (MIL)?
Will it reset Airbag, ABS or Service lights?

EOBD compliant cars are petrol cars sold in Europe from the beginning of 2001, and diesel cars sold from 2004.

EOBD is an abbreviation of European On-Board Diagnostics. This is the name given to a European Directive implemented to control the vehicle emissions.

OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics, Second Generation) is the US equivalent of the European EOBD standard. This came into force in 1996 for all cars sold in the US.
Do I need a different interface/connector for each car?
These interfaces will allow you to connect to your EOBD or OBDII compliant car. These are generally petrol cars sold in Europe from 2001 and diesel cars sold from 2004.

If you can see your 16-pin diagnostics port in your car, you can also check which interface will work by checking the pins present in the port. Click here for more information.
Does the interface ship with software on CD?
The interface package doesn't ship with a CD, as the software and drivers are very small downloads. Full details on downloading the drivers are included with the interface.

Your purchase includes our new EngineCheck diagnostics software.

Other software that supports the ELM327 chipset can also be used with the interface.
Do these interfaces work with UK cars before 2001?
This is a very frequently asked question. In many cases, no. However we have found that many Asian manufacturer cars are supported back to approximately 1999/2000.

We have also found that many Ford and Jaguar petrol cars are supported back to approximately 1997.

Please email us if you are unsure whether your car will work before ordering.
I have seen these/similar products advertised as working on all 1996 and newer cars - why don't these?
This is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions!

Please click here for a detailed answer to this question.
Will it reset the ECU and Check Engine light?
These interfaces will allow you to erase the fault codes from the ECU memory, and switch off the 'Check Engine' light (or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)).

In erasing the codes, they reset the ECU, which also erases any 'learned' settings, e.g. fuel trim adjustments. These will be re-learned automatically by the car during subsequent drive cycles.

Resetting the ECU is not harmful to the car.
Will it reset Airbag, ABS or Service lights?
No, the tools will not reset these lights, or read codes from these systems.

These packages communicate with the EOBD/OBDII systems in the car, which are primarily the engine/emissions diagnostic systems. These are linked to the 'Check Engine' or 'Malfunction Indicator Light' (MIL).

The packages will reset the 'Check Engine' light, and will clear any associated fault codes.

Software information

EngineCheck software (included)

For full details of the EngineCheck software that we provide with this interface, please visit the EngineCheck website by clicking the screenshots below:

EngineCheck Screenshots


  • Read and clear stored and pending engine fault codes
  • Switch off Check Engine light
  • Full database built-in of generic fault code definitions
  • View live engine information in meter or graph format
  • View on-board test completion status (inspection/maintenance tests)
  • View fuel-system status
  • Works with ELM-based diagnostic interfaces: ELM320, ELM322, ELM323, ELM327
  • Works with ELM-compatible diagnostic interfaces: OBDLink SX

PC requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Gendan EngineCheck software are:

  • Desktop, laptop or notebook PC
  • Pentium processor (or higher) running at 300MHz (or higher)
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Approx. 100MB of hard disk space


Software updates

Software updates are free for existing customers.

You can check the software version of the latest release, download updates and manage your activation codes online by registering with our free software control panel.

Product reviews

If you've already purchased this product, you can submit a review here.

6 customers have reviewed this product so far, with an average score of 5/5
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Review submitted on 04/01/2014 by [name withheld]
I bought this code reader to read and clear a fault code on a jaguar stype on an x plate, after reading about code readers having problems with jags, I thought it would be good to email and find out more, my email was quickly responded to with very helpful information from Dean, he helped with all my many questions, even when I phoned to complete my order the guy on the phone was also extremely helpful, which gave confidence in the company, my tool arrived the next day which is brilliant. All in all the code reader worked beautifully with the jag, thus the kit is made to a high quality
Very happy with the Gendan guys

Review submitted on 31/08/2012 by Patrick Whetman
Fantastic product and excellent after sales service. This was my first attempt at fixing my renault master 2007 van and found the diagnostics port easy enough. plugged the dongle in, phoned gendan for some port info, then 60 seconds later, up came the fault code, with explanation of what was wrong. In my case, it was the mass air flow sensor. Looked up the problem on the renault forum, disconnected the sensor as suggested and hey presto, the van fired up again! Will now replace sensor and air filter. Happy Chappy!

Review submitted on 04/06/2012 by Andrew Burgess
I dont normally write rave reviews about products, but in this case its very different. I have Played about with code readers for some time, both via friends & local indie garages, the pro tools are extremely good, but also extremely expensive, whilst the E-bay ilk of hong-kong-fuee specials leave a lot to be desired. A simple code reader will flag up a number of abnormalities, but not tell you which is the initiating event, which are the consequential events. For this you need to be able to explore log live data. This EOBD scan tool does just that.

Firstly I was able to diagnose a air flow sensor problem on my daughters Astra which had been through 3 different Vauxhall garages in the last year costing several hundred pounds a throw, still not fixing the problem. I was able to find that the air-flow sensor was sensitive to differing ambient air temperatures, even sensitive to whether the bonnet was open or closed - the hotter it got the less air flow it sensed, so screwed up the mixture etc etc - £55 sensor 10 minutes to fix - job done.

Secondly, My Mercedes kept on flagging up mixture problems, for various reasons over the last 9 months. It would always reset, before coming back in the next few weeks. Fault code readers did nothing for me, except telling me to change every sensor fitted to the car - twice - however the live data analyser showed an air leak caused by a broken bit of plastic. The over zealous hammer swinging mechanic at the main dealer / rodeo rider garage repaired the leak with sellotape, which was falling off. A small tube of proprietry resin adhesive & 10 minutes work - fixed.

the Absolute Great thing about this bit of kit is the GUI. It is extremely user friendly. Code readers are OK, but when linked to kit where you can actually see what is happening is absolutely essential with some faults. all this for just £75.

If this letter encourages somebody else to buy this bit of kit, then great, congratulations, it is the best £75 you have ever spent.

As an Owner Driver/Dad/Grandad/Mr Fix, I cannot justify spending Loads-a-Money on some of the extremely fine equipment out there, but with this equipment & a bit of common sense you can do just as well, if not considerably better than some so called Experts .

Excellent equipment, easy to use, the best £75 I have ever spent - Thanks GENDAN.

Review submitted on 09/03/2012 by Ged Clarkson
Great product easy to use and excellent support from the guys at gendan

Review submitted on 23/12/2011 by [name withheld]
A truly excellent piece of kit I have used it with success on Toyota, nad Citroen petrol powered vehicles, but have yet to use it on Diesels.
It removes a lot of guess work from diagnosing problems if only this were available when I was an Apprentice.

  Displaying reviews 1 to 5 of 6


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