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Gendan EngineCheck Pro USB package

Gendan EngineCheck Pro Engine Diagnostics USB package

Product Code: ENG327P

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£ 99.95
was £ 109.94
Includes VAT! - FREE delivery!
Availability: In stock In Stock!
Shipped same working day.

£ 99.95
Availability: In Stock! Shipped same working day.

Product details

Please note - to reduce our use of single-use plastics, we no longer supply the software on CD.

Download links for the software, and details of how to activate will be emailed to you when we despatch your order.

Tired of looking at expensive tools? Look no further -
engine-management diagnostics on all 2001+ petrol and 2004+ diesel
cars for less than £100!

EngineCheck Pro Screenshots

16June 2006
EngineCheck wins PCW Recommended Award

"Gendan EngineCheck 1.4 is a great low-cost tool for car enthusiasts
that could quickly pay for itself"


  • Read and clear stored and pending engine fault codes
  • Switch off Check Engine light
  • Read freeze-frame data
  • Built-in database of over 21,000 fault code definitions (generic and manufacturer-specific)
  • Print customer fault code reports
  • View live engine information in meter or graph format
  • Software written and supported by us here in the UK
  • Recording and playback of sensor data
  • Save recordings to CSV file
  • View on-board test completion status (inspection/maintenance tests)
  • View fuel-system status
  • Package includes USB diagnostics interface with 1.8m cable to connect to car, carry case and user manual. (Software download details supplied by email)
Visit our
EngineCheck Pro website
for full details and screenshots

Package contents:

  • OBDLink SX USB interface (faster than ELM327)
  • EngineCheck Pro software download, activation and licence details (supplied by email - to reduce our use of single-use plastics, we no longer supply the software on CD)
  • Printed manual and quickstart guide
  • Plastic carry-case
EngineCheck Pro package contents

About the OBDLink SX interface

  • Features the new STN1110 chip
  • The STN1110 chip supports the full ELM327 command set and an extended command set adding many enhanced features
  • The STN1110 is up to 10 times faster than the ELM327 chip
  • 4 times as much flash memory as ELM327 chip
  • Over 5 times the RAM of the ELM327 chip
  • The STN1110 is Firmware updateable while the ELM327 requires the chip to be replaced with each new version

PC requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Gendan EngineCheck Pro software are:
  • Desktop, laptop or notebook PC
  • Pentium processor running at 300MHz (or higher)
  • Windows Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Approx. 100MB of hard disk space
  • USB port

Product returns

Please note the price of this item includes a licence for the EngineCheck Pro software, which requires activation before use.

If the product is returned to us as an unwanted item, or because it was purchased for an incompatible vehicle, we cannot provide a refund of the cost of the software (£57.14) once an activation code has been requested.

The remainder of the cost of the item may be refunded, in line with our standard returns policy.

Product comparison

Feature EngineCheck package EngineCheck Pro
Package contents - OBDLink SX USB interface
- Software supplied as download
- OBDLink SX USB interface
- Software supplied on CD
- Printed user manual
- Hard plastic carry case
Fault code definitions Generic (P0xxx/P2xxx etc) only (over 4,700 definitions) Over 21,000 definitions - generic & manufacturer-specific
Live engine sensor data Yes Yes
Live oxygen sensor graphs Yes (subject to vehicle support) Yes (subject to vehicle support)
Mode 5 oxygen sensor test results No Yes (subject to vehicle support)
Control module support Engine management & emissions Usually engine management & emissions only, but if other modules respond on EOBD protocols, will offer each module for connection
Printable pages - Fault code report
- On-board test results
- Fault code report
- On-board test results
- Oxygen sensor info
- Live data graphs
- Recorded data playback
Software updates Free Free - typically released 3-6 months before EngineCheck

Software updates

Software updates are free for existing customers.

You can check the software version of the latest release, download updates and manage your activation codes online by registering with our free software control panel.

Product reviews

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14 customers have reviewed this product so far, with an average score of 5/5
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Review submitted on 09/01/2020 by John Barry
better than delphi on engines.the best ive used...john

Review submitted on 21/02/2018 by Steve
For the DIY enthusiast this is a great way of learning what diagnostics is all about.
Im a professional mechanic,and i use this tool a lot.
No you cant compare it to high level tools that cost thousands of pounds.
Gendon offer a great after sales support, its a shame some of the big names dontt
offer the the same. I highly recommend this product.

Review submitted on 21/08/2017 by Ian Southern
my wife bought me this when I had a problem with my kia .
It worked fantastic would have cost over £100+ to just read code from main dealer it cost me £65 for parts to do it myself, And used it twice on two Peugeots worked good with them aswell. would recommend this product 100%

Review submitted on 30/05/2017 by [name withheld]
has successfully read and cleared fault codes and provided live data on a few different cars now, paid for itself twice over already

Review submitted on 11/04/2017 by [name withheld]
I purchased Engine Check Pro as to get MIL light faults analysed by my local garage costs around £50.
Software was easy to load onto a laptop and has been used many times this week to solve a lean running condition on my Mondeo ST220 and turn off the MIL many times. Aged vacuum hoses were the cause of air leaks / lean running.
Just need to get familiar with, and understand, all the live data that can be displayed.
ECP has saved me many pounds and I would recommend it to any home mechanic looking for diagnostic software that will clearly display live data in many forms i.e. numeric figures, graphs or data sets that can be recorded.

  Displaying reviews 1 to 5 of 14


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