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Foxwell VS300 USB Videoscope

Foxwell VS300 USB Video scope for GT90 & Windows PCs

Product Code: FXVS300

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£ 59.95
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£ 59.95
Availability: In Stock! Shipped same working day.

Product details

The Foxwell VS300 is a USB Videoscope / Bore Scope designed for use with the Foxwell GT90, GT90 Max and Foxwell GT90 LE diagnostic systems.
This USB scope plugs into a USB port on the tablet and integrates with the GT90 diagnostic software.

With an LED-lit camera probe that is only 7mm in diameter, and is waterproof up to the IP67 standard, this is the ideal device to be able to see inside small openings, such as through the spark plug hole into the cylinder bore of an engine.

A button on the handle of the interface will take an instant snap-shot and save it on the computer, without needing to press anything on the screen of the tablet itself - ideal if you are using both hands to direct the camera probe to view something specific.
Similarly the brightness of the LED lighting in the tip of the probe can be adjusted using a scroll-wheel in the handle, allowing for one-handed adjustment.

The viewing software (which is pre-installed on the GT80 Plus and GT80 Mini) allows you to flip and mirror the image, so you don't need to worry about the camera orientation when in use.

Foxwell VS300 Videoscope - Sample footage


  • Camera diameter: 7mm
  • Flexible probe length: 750mm
  • USB cable length: 2000mm
  • Focal length: approx. 30-800mm
  • Field of view: 60 degrees
  • Camera resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Waterpoofing level: IP67 (probe only)
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1, 10 & 11

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