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Daewoo/Vauxhall Oxygen Sensor

1-wire Zirconia Sensor for some Daewoo/Vauxhall engines

Daewoo/Vauxhall Oxygen Sensor

Product Code: LB1000

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Product details

This is a direct-fit 1-wire Zirconia oxygen sensor.

Compatible with some Daewoo and Vauxhall engines. See compatible vehicles for details.

This sensor has the correct electrical connector fitted for use with compatible vehicles (no soldering required).


  • 1-wire Zirconia Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Direct fit - no soldering required
  • Total length (including wire) = 330mm
  • See compatible vehicles section for known applications

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


Engine Code



Espero 1.5i 16v 90bhp A15MF
2/1995 to 9/1997
Espero 1.8i 8v 95bhp C18LE
2/1995 to 9/1997
Espero 2.0i 8v 105bhp C20LE
2/1995 to 8/1997
Nexia 1.5i 16v 90bhp A15MF
2/1995 to 9/1997
827 2.7i 24v 167bhp Honda
11/1991 to 3/1996
Swift 1.0i 6v 52bhp G10A
3/1996 to 12/2005
Swift 1.0i 6v 52bhp G10B
4/1992 to 1/1995
Swift 1.3i 8v 67bhp G13B
4/1992 to 12/1995
Swift 1.3i GTi 16v 100bhp G13B
3/1989 to 1/1997
Astra 1.4i 16v 89bhp X14XE
2/1996 to 1/1998
Astra 1.4i 8v 59bhp C14NZ
4/1992 to 9/1998
Astra 1.4i 8v 81bhp C14SE
4/1992 to 9/1998
Astra 1.4i 8v 89bhp X14NZ
2/1996 to 8/1998
Astra 1.6i 16v 99bhp X16XEL
8/1994 to 9/1998
Astra 1.6i 8v 69bhp X16SZ
3/1993 to 4/1997
Astra 1.6i 8v 74bhp C16NZ
1/1996 to 9/1998
Astra 1.6i 8v 74bhp X16SZR
1/1996 to 9/1998
Astra 1.6i 8v 75bhp C16NZ
10/1990 to 6/1993
Astra 1.6i 8v 99bhp C16SE
3/1992 to 8/1998
Astra 1.6i Van 8v 74bhp C16NZ
1/1991 to 8/1998
Cavalier 1.6i 8v 74bhp C16NZ
9/1991 to 8/1994
Cavalier 1.8i 8v 89bhp C18NZ
9/1990 to 1/1996
Corsa 1.4i 16v 90bhp
(1-wire sensor)
8/1994 to 10/2000
Corsa 1.4i 8v 44bhp C14SE, C14NZ
4/1993 to 3/1999
Corsa 1.4i Van 8v 59bhp C14NZ
7/1994 to 10/2001
Corsa 1.6i 16v 104bhp
(1-pin plug, 1 wire)
9/1994 to 9/2000
Corsa 1.6i 16v 107bhp
(1-pin plug, 1 wire)
8/1993 to 8/1994
Nova 1.2i 8v 45bhp C12NZ
2/1992 to 3/1993
Nova 1.4i 8v 59bhp C14NZ
8/1990 to 3/1993
Nova 1.4i SRi 8v 82bhp C14SE
2/1992 to 3/1993
Nova 1.6i GSi 8v 100bhp (1-Pin Plug 1-wire ) C16SE
2/1992 to 3/1993
Tigra 1.4i 16v 89bhp
(1-pin plug, 1 wire)
11/1994 to 1/2001
Tigra 1.6i 16v 104bhp
(1-pin plug, 1 wire)
11/1994 to 8/2000
Vectra 1.6i 16v 99bhp X16XEL
W1285446, W7154258 or lower 10/1995 to 5/2002
Vectra 1.6i 8v 74bhp X16SZR
10/1995 to 5/2002

Additional information

See Compatible vehicles page for known applications

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