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1-wire Oxygen Sensor

Universal 1-wire Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

1-wire Oxygen Sensor

Product Code: O21WIRE

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Product details

A replacement Zirconia Oxygen Sensor for almost all cars that currently use 1-wire Oxygen Sensors.

Sensor comes complete with fitting instructions and splicing kit.


  • Element type - zirconium dioxide
  • Sensor specification one wire, 18mm spark plug thread
  • Output signal - oscillating between 0.1 and 0.9 volts
  • To check vehicle compatibility, see our application list

Additional information

Please email us at to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.

Or please view our Quick Guide to Oxygen Sensors.

What is an Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen Sensors (also known as Lambda Sensors) are located in the vehicle exhaust system. Their purpose is to measure the levels of unburned oxygen in the exhaust through changing voltages and to provide this information to the engines control computer. The engine's air/fuel mixture is then continually adjusted to ensure optimum engine performance and emission control.

Typical Symptoms of Failure

- Excessive fuel consumption
- High emissions, failing an MOT emissions test
- The Engine Management System records a Diagnostic Trouble Code ('Check Engine' Light may illuminate)
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