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Helping Keep Your Engine Healthy

Helping Keep Your Engine Healthy

Gendan Limited - Helping Keep
Your Engine Healthy...

Recent government statistics show that 13% of UK greenhouse gas emissions are produced by personal car travel!

You may feel that car emissions are a global problem that you can't help solve, but do you ever wonder what effect your everyday driving is having on the world around us?

And if the car has a fault with the engine, these already damaging emissions can be much worse - causing far greater environmental damage than a healthy engine.

Engine warning signs

The engine warning light on your dashboard is designed specifically to indicate a problem with the engine. If the light is on, the car has identified a fault and in almost all cases is a sign of increased emissions.

If that light is flashing, the situation is even worse - emissions are so high that the exhaust gases are likely to damage components on the car.

Engine Management Warning Light or
    Check Engine Light (CEL)

Help at hand

Why not start 2008 with the environment in mind? With a little help, you can keep an eye on your emissions at home.

If your engine light comes on, you don't need to take the car to a garage to find the cause - simply plug in our GCR05 Handheld Fault Reader - available for just £26.95 (delivered).
Gendan GCR05 Handheld Fault Code Reader

Or if you'd like to know more about what's going on under the bonnet, you can even plug your car into your PC with our award-winning EngineCheck packages from as little as £64.94 (delivered).
EngineCheck Diagnostic package

If you have any queries on the tools or the technology, please get in touch.
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