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USB-C Cable for VCDS HEX-V2 / HEX-NET Interfaces

Genuine Ross-Tech USB-C to USB-B cable (with thumbscrew) for VCDS HEX-V2 / HEX-NET Interfaces

Product Code: VCUSBC

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£ 22.94
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£ 22.94
Availability: In Stock! Shipped same working day.

Product details

Do you have a new laptop that only has USB-C ports? (No traditional USB-A ports).
If so, to use a Ross-Tech HEX-V2 or HEX-NET interface with VCDS, you'll need one of these cables.
This cable would be used in place of the USB A to B cable which is supplied with your interface.

What is USB-C?

USB-C (or USB Type C, as it is officially known) is the latest type of USB connector, and is gradually replacing the rectangular USB Type A connector we are used to.
It is rotationally symmetrical, so can be plugged in either way up. The connectors look like this:

USB-C male connector plug USB-C male connector
USB-C female connector socket USB-C female connector

Important notes:
This USB-C cable for VCDS is only intended for use with Windows laptops and Windows tablets with USB-C ports.
It should NOT be plugged into other mobile devices/phones.
Connecting this to another device may damage the device or your VCDS interface.
Click for special offer multi-product deals on this item...
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