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OBDLink LX EOBD OBD-II Bluetooth Interface

OBDLink LX OBD-II / EOBD Car Diagnostic Interface (Bluetooth) with OBDWiz Software

OBDLink LX EOBD OBD-II Bluetooth Interface

Product Code: OBDLINKLX

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£ 94.96
Includes VAT! - FREE delivery!
Availability: In stock In Stock!
Shipped same working day.

£ 94.96
Availability: In Stock! Shipped same working day.

Product details

Is your Check Engine light on?

Bluetooth connection!

Based on the ELM 327 interface chip, these kits are one of the lowest-
cost means of talking to modern cars

Interface can also be used with other software supporting the ELM327 chipset.

Technical info:
STN1155 chip
(faster than ELM327 chip)
Supported protocols:

Connect your Car to your PC or Android phone!

Covers 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars

Easy-to-use multi-protocol package to connect your PC to any OBDII or EOBD compliant car (2001+ petrol car, 2004+ diesel car).

Supplied with the free evaluation version of our EngineCheck software - EngineCheck LE (Lite Edition) AND the OBDWiz software from

EngineCheck Lite screenshot OBDWiz screenshots

EngineCheck Lite is a cut-down version of our award-winning EngineCheck software.

It will allow you to connect to the engine management system on the same range of vehicles and view basic fault code information, but does not offer any of the more advanced features found in the full package, such as live data streams, and the ability to record and playback information.
For more details on the EngineCheck software, please visit the EngineCheck website

We also currently include the OBDWiz software from, which offers live sensor data in graph and dial formats.

Why take your car to the dealer for a code-read? You can now read and clear your engine fault codes on your own driveway!

Why doesn't it work on all cars from 1996?
"The same/similar product from other suppliers works on all 1996 and newer cars... why doesn't yours?"
Please click here for more information

What is included in the kit?

  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth diagnostic interface (faster than ELM327)
  • OBDWiz software license
  • Free OBDLink Mobile App (for Android)
  • EngineCheck Lite Edition download and activation details
    Please note: EngineCheck software not shipped on CD - download information sent by email.

About the OBDLink LX interface

  • Worlds Fastest Bluetooth OBD adapter Up to 300% faster than the competition. Enjoy smoother graphs and real-time gauges
  • Small form factor - 5 x 5 x 2.5cm
  • BatterySaver Technology - Plug it in, leave it in, without the danger of draining your cars battery
  • Features the new STN1155 chip
  • The STN1155 chip supports the full ELM327 command set and an extended command set adding many enhanced features
  • The STN1155 is up to 10 times faster than the ELM327 chip
  • 4 times as much flash memory as ELM327 chip
  • Over 5 times the RAM of the ELM327 chip
  • The STN1155 is Firmware updateable while the ELM327 requires the chip to be replaced with each new version
  • Secure 128-bit data encryption
  • Class 1 Bluetooth v3.0 transmission (max range: ~ 75m)
  • Recommended interface to use with MotoScan for BMW Motorcycles App

Which cars can I connect to?

This interface will allow you to connect to your EOBD or OBDII compliant car. These are petrol cars sold within the European Union from 2001 and diesel cars sold from 2004.
(Passenger cars with fewer than 10 seats and a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of less than 2500kg)

Please email us if you would like to confirm compatibility with your car.

Diagnostic connector
For information on the pins required in the diagnostic port for the support of each of the above protocols, please click here.

Product reviews

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8 customers have reviewed this product so far, with an average score of 5/5
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Review submitted on 12/01/2023 by Gwyn
Gendan is a complete revelation and pleasure to deal with.
Regarding the product - it worked perfectly after first downloading the TuneEcu app(which is payable).
It cleared the unecessary service overdue message and icon on the display of my Triumph motorcycle thus saving me a trip to the dealership and 12 monthly service costs. I prefer to pay for mileage determined services, otherwise I would be paying yearly after, at times, only having done very little mileage through the year.

Review submitted on 09/06/2022 by John Neadley
Hi just a quick word to say thanks for a great service it worked a treat,

Review submitted on 25/03/2022 by Stephen Himsworth
Bought this Obdlink LX for some modifications on my Triumph Thunderbird Storm via Tuneecu and so far its been invaluable. Gendan supplied the best service Ive had in a long time cheers for the laughs and the present much appreciated Delivery was faster than a fast thing going fast received in under 24 hours.

Regards Steve.

Review submitted on 27/01/2022 by [name withheld]
Bought this to use custom PIDs for monitoring DPF on a Subaru 2.0 diesel. This worked when the PIDs were added to Torque Pro, this is not possible on the cheaper ELM327s which will not send the data. So buy this OBD Bluetooth Interface if you have a Subaru.

Review submitted on 14/08/2021 by Lorenzo Degrassi
just what I needed

  Displaying reviews 1 to 5 of 8


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