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VW/Seat Wide-band Oxygen Sensor

5-wire Wide-band Oxygen Sensor for some VW and Seat engines

Product Code: LB2088

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Product details

This is a direct-fit Wide-band oxygen sensor. Compatible with some Volkswagen and Seat vehicles.


  • 5-wire Wide-band Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Direct Fit - no soldering required
  • Total length (including wire): 700 mm
  • Replaces Bosch Part: 0258007353
  • Replaces Audi & Bentley part: 07C906262Q
  • Replaces VAG part no: 030906262G, 030906262J, 07C906262B, 07C906262G
  • Replaces VAG part no: 6K0906262C, 077906265N, 077906265M, 06A906262AE
  • Replaces VAG part no: 06A906262BF, 06A906262BD, 06C906265B, 06C906265H
  • Replaces VAG part no: 06A906262BE, 036906262C, 1K0998262F, 036906262A
  • Replaces Ford part: 1109004 & YM219F472DA
  • Replaces Bosch Part: 0258007051, 0258007052 (discontinued)
  • See compatible vehicles section for known applications

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


Engine Code



A4 4.2i 40v 344bhp BBK
4/2003 to 1/2005
A4 4.2i Quattro 40v 344bhp BBK
4/2003 to 1/2005
A8 6.0i W12 48v 420bhp
(Cylinders 1-3 & 7-9)
3/2001 to 9/2002
S3 1.8i Turbo 20v 210bhp AMK
9/2000 to 4/2002
S3 1.8i Turbo 20v 225bhp BAM
8/2001 to 6/2003
S4 4.2i Quattro 40v 344bhp BBK
2/2004 to 12/2005
TT 1.8i Quattro 20v 225bhp BAM
10/1998 to 6/2006
TT 1.8i Quattro 20v 245bhp BFV
3/2005 to 6/2006
545i 4.4i 32v 333bhp Auto Saloon
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug)
E60 8/2003 to 1/2005
545i 4.4i 32v 333bhp Auto Touring
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug)
E61 5/2004 onward
645Ci 4.4i 32v 333bhp Auto Coupe
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug)
E63 12/2003 onward
735i 3.6i 32v 268bhp
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug - cyls 5-8)
E65, E66 5/2002 onward
745i 4.4i 32v 329bhp
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug - cyls 5-8)
E65, E66 5/2002 onward
760i 6.0i 48v 445bhp
(Nearside sensor, Grey plug - cyls 7-12)
E65, E66 12/2002 to 9/2006
Alhambra 1.8i Turbo 20v 150bhp AWC
6/2000 to 4/2002
Alhambra 2.0i 8v 115bhp ATM
8/2000 to 7/2006
Arosa 1.0i 8v 50bhp ANV
8/1999 to 10/2000
Arosa 1.0i 8v 50bhp AUC
8/2000 to 12/2004
Arosa 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
9/2000 to 12/2004
Arosa 1.4i Sport 8v 60bhp ANW
7/1999 to 12/2000
Cordoba 1.4i 16v 100bhp ANW
8/1999 to 8/2002
Cordoba 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
6/2000 to 8/2002
Cordoba 1.6i 8v 100bhp AUR, APF
3/2000 to 8/2002
Cordoba 2.0i 16v 115bhp AZL
4/2003 to 4/2004
Ibiza 1.0i 8v 50bhp ANV, AUC
8/1999 to 5/2002
Ibiza 1.4i 8v 60bhp ANW
8/1999 to 11/2000
Ibiza 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
5/2000 to 5/2002
Ibiza 1.6i 8v 100bhp AUR
6/2000 to 5/2002
Ibiza 1.6i 8v 100bhp APF
3/2000 to 12/2001
Ibiza 2.0i 8v 115bhp AZL
7/2002 onward
Inca 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
9/2000 to 6/2003
Leon 1.8i Cupra R Turbo 20v 210bhp AMK
7/2002 to 7/2003
Leon 1.8i Cupra R Turbo 20v 223bhp BAM
7/2003 onward
Fabia 2.0i 8v 115bhp AZL
12/1999 to 7/2004
Beetle 1.4i 16v 75bhp BCA
4/2003 onward
Beetle 1.8i Turbo 20v 150bhp APH
1/1998 to 6/2000
Beetle 1.8i Turbo 20v 150bhp AVC
10/1999 to 10/2000
Caddy 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
9/2000 to 6/2003
Lupo 1.0i 8v 50bhp ALD
4/1999 to 5/2000
Lupo 1.0i 8v 50bhp ANV
6/1999 to 8/2000
Lupo 1.0i 8v 50bhp AUC
6/2000 to 6/2003
Lupo 1.6i GTi 16v 125bhp AVY
12/2000 to 6/2004
Polo 1.0i 8v 50bhp AUC
11/1999 to 1/2002
Polo 1.0i 8v 50bhp AUD
10/1999 to 6/2002
Polo 1.0i 8v 50bhp (5-wire sensor) ALD
10/1999 to 1/2000
Polo 1.4i 16v 100bhp AUB
9N2000001 or higher 5/2000 onward
Polo 1.4i 16v 75bhp AUA
9N2000001 or higher 10/1999 to 1/2002
Polo 1.4i 8v 54bhp AKP
10/1999 to 9/2001
Polo 1.4i 8v 60bhp AUD
11/1999 to 10/2001
Polo 1.6i Classic 8v 100bhp APF
3/2000 to 12/2000
Polo 1.6i GTi 16v 125bhp ARC
10/1999 onward
Sharan 1.8i 8v 115bhp ATM
5/2000 onward
Sharan 1.8i Turbo 20v 150bhp AWC
4/2000 onward
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