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Mercedes Planar Oxygen Sensor

4-wire Planar Sensor for some Mercedes engines

Product Code: LB1447

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Product details

This is a direct-fit 4-wire Planar oxygen sensor.

Compatible with some Mercedes vehicles.

This sensor has the correct electrical connector fitted for use with compatible vehicles (no soldering required).


  • 4-wire Planar Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Direct Fit - no soldering required
  • Total length (including wire): 400mm
  • Replaces Bosch part: 0258006474
  • Replaces Mercedes part: A0025400117
  • Replaces Mercedes part: A0015400517
  • See Compatible vehicles page for known applications

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


Engine Code



Crossfire 3.2i 18v 215bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor - RHS)
11/2003 onward
A140 1.4i 8v 82bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 9/1998 to 12/2004
A140 LWB 1.4i 8v 82bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 4/2001 to 12/2004
A160 1.6i 8v 102bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 9/1998 to 12/2004
A160 LWB 1.6i 8v 102bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 4/2001 to 12/2004
A190 1.9i 8v 125bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 6/1999 to 12/2004
A190 LWB 1.9i 8v 125bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W168 4/2001 to 12/2004
A210 2.1i Evo 8v 140bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
3/2001 onward
C200 2.0i Kompressor 16v 163bhp M111.955
W203 9/2000 onward
CL500 5.0i 24v 302bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
A008072 or higher 9/2002 onward
CL55 5.4i AMG Turbo V8 24v 500bhp M113.991
A008767 onward 9/2002 to 9/2006
CL55 5.4i AMG V8 24v 354bhp M113.986
A008767 onward 6/2000 to 9/2006
CL600 5.5i 36v 500bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
9/2002 onward
CLS500 5.4i 388bhp M113.967
W219 4/2006 onward
CLS55 AMG 5.4i 476bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W219 1/2005 onward
E240 2.4i V6 18v 168bhp M112.911
B040000 onward 6/2000 to 6/2002
E240 2.6i 18v 170bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W210 6/2000 to 5/2003
E240 2.6i 18v 177bhp M112.913
W211 6/2002 onward
E280 2.8i 18v 204bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
B17368 / X044900 or higher 6/1999 onward
E320 3.2i 18v 224bhp M112.949
W211 6/2002 onward
E320 3.2i 18v 225bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
B17368 / X044900 or higher 6/1997 to 6/2002
E430 4.3i V8 24v 279bhp M113.940
B040000 onward 6/2000 to 6/2002
E500 5.0i 24v 306bhp M113.967
W211 6/2002 onward
E55 5.4i AMG V8 24v 354bhp 113.980
B040000 onward 6/2000 to 6/2002
E55 5.4i V8 24v 476bhp M113.990
W211 8/2002 onward
ML320 3.2i V6 18v 218bhp 112.942
W163 9/2000 onward
ML350 3.7i 18v 245bhp M112.970
W163 9/2002 onward
ML430 4.3i 24v 272bhp M113.942
A221506 / X734088 or higher 9/2000 to 8/2001
ML500 5.0i 24v 299bhp M113.965
W163 8/2001 onward
S280 2.8i 18v 197bhp M112.922
W220 A138351 or higher 12/1998 onward
S320 3.2i 18v 221bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W220 A138351 or higher 6/2000 onward
S350 3.7i V6 18v 245bhp M112.972
W220 9/2002 onward
S430 4.3i 24v 279bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
A138351 or higher 6/2000 onward
S500 5.0i 24v 302bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
A138351 or higher 9/2002 onward
S55 5.4i AMG V8 24v 354bhp (Post Catalytic Convertor) M113.986
A087201 onward 6/2000 to 9/2002
SL600 5.5i V12 36v 500bhp M275.951
R230 3/2003 onward
SL600 5.5i V12 36v 500bhp (Post Catalytic Convertor) M275.951
R230 3/2003 onward
SLK200 2.0i Kompressor 16v 163bhp M111.958
W170 2/2000 to 7/2004
SLK230 2.3i Kompressor 16v 193bhp (RHS) M111.983
W170 11/1996 to 6/2004
SLK32 AMG 3.2i 18v 354bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W170 8/2001 onward
SLK320 3.2i 18v 218bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
W170 2/2000 to 6/2004
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