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Ford Planar Oxygen Sensor

4-wire Planar Sensor for some Ford engines

Ford Planar Oxygen Sensor

Product Code: LB1303

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Product details

This is a direct-fit 4-wire Planar oxygen sensor.

Compatible with some Ford Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo models (see compatible vehicles page).

This sensor has the correct electrical connector fitted for use with compatible vehicles (no soldering required).


  • 4-wire Planar Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Direct Fit - no soldering required
  • Total length (including wire) = 394mm
  • Replaces Bosch part: 0258005717
  • Replaces Ford part: 98AB9G444BB
  • Replaces Jaguar part: XR81557, XR82007, XR822998
  • See compatible vehicles section for known applications

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


Engine Code



Fiesta 1.3i 69bhp EFi
Sensor with blue plug 3/2002 to 7/2003
Fiesta 1.3i 69bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
3/2002 to 7/2003
Fiesta 1.6i 16v 99bhp Zetec
Sensor with blue plug 3/2002 onward
Focus 1.4i 16v 74bhp Zetec
6/2000 onward
Focus 1.4i 16v 74bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
6/2000 onward
Focus 1.6i 16v 99bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
8/2000 onward
Focus 1.8i 16v 113bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
8/2000 to 6/2005
Focus 2.0i 16v 128bhp Zetec
8/1998 to 6/2005
Focus 2.0i 16v 128bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
8/1998 to 6/2005
Focus 2.0i RS 16v 213bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
10/2002 to 6/2005
Focus 2.0i ST170 170bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
1/2002 to 6/2005
Ka 1.3i 8v 60bhp Endura E
OE sensor has blue round plug 10/2000 to 10/2002
Transit Connect 1.8i 16v 113bhp
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
8/2002 onward
S-Type 3.0i 24v 240bhp Automatic
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
M45254 or lower 3/1999 onward
S-Type 4.0i 32v 281bhp Automatic
(Post Catalytic Convertor)
M45254 or lower 3/1999 or 2/2002
121 1.3i 8v 60bhp Endura E
3/1996 onward

Additional information

See compatible vehicles page for known applications

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