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Citroen/Peugeot Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

4-wire Zirconia Sensor for some Citroen and Peugeot engines

Citroen/Peugeot Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

Product Code: LB1030

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Product details

This is a direct-fit 4-wire Zirconia oxygen sensor.

Compatible with some Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat models (see compatible vehicles page).

This sensor has the correct electrical connector fitted for use with compatible vehicles (no soldering required).


  • 4-wire Zirconia Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Total length (including wire) = 1500mm
  • Replaces Citroen/Peugeot part: 1628T2, 96036857, 96138608
  • Replaces Fiat part: 9613860880, 961386088, 9616511680
  • See compatible vehicles section for known applications

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:


Engine Code



AX 1.0i 45bhp   6/1992 to 1/1995
AX 1.4i 75bhp TU3M/Z - TU3FM
05293 to 06629 6/1992 to 6/1995
C15 E 1.1i 8v 47bhp Van 109K
10/1992 to 3/1994
C15 E 1.1i 8v 47bhp Van E1A
5/1992 to 10/1992
ZX 1.4i 8v 75bhp
WITHOUT power steering / Aircon
6/1991 to 6/1995
ZX 1.6i 90bhp XU5JP (BFZ)
N2B4 6/1991 to 5/1995
ZX 1.6i 90bhp XU5M (BDY)
N2B4 6/1991 to 5/1993
ZX 1.8i 8v 103bhp XU7JP (LFZ)
N2E3, N2E4 6/1991 to 5/1995
ZX 1.9i 130bhp XU9JA (DKZ)
N2E3, N2E4 6/1991 to 6/1994
ZX 2.0i 16v 155bhp XU10J4
N2F1, N2J9 10/1992 to 5/1995
ZX 2.0i 8v 123bhp XU10J2
10/1992 to 5/1995
Ducato 2.0i 8v 110bhp RFW
5267331 or lower 6/1994 to 1/2002
306 1.8i 8v 103bhp XU7JP (LFZ)
4/1993 to 2/1995
306 2.0i S16 16v 155bhp XU10J4
1/1994 to 2/1995
306 2.0i XSi 8v 123bhp XU10J2
1/1994 to 2/1995
309 1.1i 60bhp TU1M
2/1991 to 9/1995
405 1.6i 8v 90bhp XU5M, XU5JP
2/1991 to 6/1995
405 1.8i 8v 103bhp XU7JP
10/1992 to 6/1995
405 2.0i 8v 123bhp XU10J2
10/1992 to 6/1995
405 2.0i Mi16 16v 155bhp XU10J4
12/1992 to 2/1995
605 2.0i 8v 122bhp XU10J2
9/1990 to 1/1995
605 3.0i 12v 170bhp ZPJ
9/1990 to 1/1997
605 3.0i 24v 200bhp ZPJ4
9/1990 to 1/1994
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