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GS-911 WiFi Enthusiast Package 16-pin

GS-911 WiFi Enthusiast Package 16-pin for BMW Motorbikes

GS-911 WiFi Enthusiast Package 16-pin

Product Code: GSWEnth16

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Product details

The GS911 WiFi Enthusiast PC Package for BMW motorcycles.

Plan for adventure with a side of the spontaneous

The GS-911 offers peace of mind for both bike enthusiasts and adventurers. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere doesnt mean getting stranded. Its easy to setup and even easier to use and offers a wealth of information about your bike in seconds. Its durability and reliability means it will be there for you when you need it most. The GS-911 enables you to communicate with the control modules in your motorbike in a safe and controlled way.

Do you perform your own servicing on your bike? The GS911 lets you reset your BMW motorcycle service lights quickly and easily.

Covering bikes between around 2015 and 2019 (with the 16-pin rectangular diagnostic connector), the Enthusiast tool is Limited to 10 Bike VINs.


  • Professional level diagnosis
  • Limited to 10 Bikes by VIN
  • WiFi or USB connection
  • Can be used with Windows PC or Mobile Devices
  • Free software updates for at least 12 months **
  • Can be upgraded to Unlimited VIN version
    Please click here detailed upgrade information.

Special Functions Offered

  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Reset service reminders
  • Control unit information
  • View live sensor values
  • Log and graph live values
  • Component output tests
  • Component calibration
  • Adaptation reset and relearn
  • Basic coding
  • Bleed Tests
  • And much more....

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Supported Models

The GS911 WiFi Enthusiast supports all BMW series models with a 16-pin diagnostic socket from approximately 2015 to 2019.

Please click here for a full and detailed function chart.

Package Contents

  • Diagnostic device with 16-pin diagnostic connector
  • USB cable
  • Setup Guide
  • Case

System Requirements

To use the full capabilities of the package offline (i.e. without an available Internet connection), you need to use the PC application.
This only works on Windows-based computers. The system requirements for the PC application are:
  • Windows PC running Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • Processor supporting at least SSE2 instructions
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 50MB of disk space
  • Internet connection to download and update the software (not required while in use on a bike)
The WiFi interfaces can also be used via a web application through an internet browser, so are not restricted to a Windows PC.
The web app will work on almost any WiFi enabled smart device with a modern (HTML5) browser - so that covers Android and iOS based phones and tablets, laptops, Macs, Linux PCs etc.

There are 2 ways to use the web app - Device-To-Device (D2D) Mode, or Infrastructure Mode.
  • In D2D Mode, the GS911 WiFi interface broadcasts its own WiFi network, and you connect directly to it from your device.
    This means your device does not have Internet access, so you are limited to the 'Emergency functionality' offered by the app, stored in the GS911's memory. This is ideal if a warning light comes on while you're out on the bike - all you need is your GS911 interface and your smartphone.
    Emergency Mode offers:
    - ECU Information
    - Reading & Clearing Fault Codes
    - Viewing Live Sensor Data

  • For full coverage via the web app you need to use Infrastructure Mode.
    In this mode both your device and the GS911 WiFi interface need to join an existing WiFi network with Internet access.
    This allows the GS911 WiFi interface to access HEX's cloud server, which enables the more advanced coverage options through the web application.
    In order to use Infrastructure Mode, you'll need to configure the WiFi network in the GS911 interface's internal settings. If you have access to a Windows or MacOS computer, HEX offer a Wifi Utility to easily do this.
    If you don't have a PC or Mac to run the WiFi Utility, you'll need to follow these instructions to configure your WiFi network through your web browser.
So the system requirements for use via the web application are:
  • WiFi enabled computer or smart device (phone, tablet etc.) with a modern (HTML5) browser.
  • Internet connection for full access - not required for fault codes & live sensor data.
  • Recommended but not required: Windows PC or MacOS device to run the WiFi Utility, to configure your wireless connection.

Software Updates

** When purchasing the GS911, you are entitled to one year of free updates - PC and mobile versions.
HEX reserve the right to charge an update fee after one year, which will entitle you to another year's updates - however this has not yet been implemented! (They are too busy implementing more functionality in GS-911!)

Please note that your software (all Release versions) will not stop working after a year, and you are under NO obligation to purchase updates if charges are introduced - it's your choice whether you want to or not...

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