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Direct-fit & Universal Oxygen Sensor Application List

Oxygen Sensor

Also known as O2 sensors, HEGO sensors, Lambda sensors

Please select your car specification from the list below, or return to the model list, or return to the Oxygen Sensor category page.

PLEASE NOTE: All sensors listed on these page are front/pre-cat/upstream sensors unless they have "(Post Catalytic Convertor)" in their description. ( Unsure what front/pre-cat/upstream means? Click here for information )


Engine Code




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Fiat Brava 1.4i Direct-fit Universal
Brava 1.4i 12v 80bhp 182A3.0 12/1995 to 3/1999  
£ 34.94
In stock

If your model is not listed here, please complete our online form for more information. We can normally get hold of most sensors within a few days.

Pre-cat / Post-cat? What does that mean?

All petrol cars sold within the EU from 2001 onwards (and some before then) will have 2 or more oxygen sensors:
  • There will be at least one sensor at the front of the vehicle, mounted into the exhaust pipe or manifold somewhere before the catalytic convertor.
    This is known as the front, pre-cat or upstream sensor.
    V-type engines (V6, V8 etc) will often have one pre-cat sensor for each bank of cylinders.

  • There will then be another sensor positioned after the catalyst, known as the rear, post-cat or downstream sensor.
    Under normal circumstances, the rear sensor does not have any direct impact on the fuel mixture (and therefore the running and emissions of the engine) - it is there to offer a comparison value after the catalyst, allowing the car to monitor the performance of the cat.
ALL sensors listed on these page are front / pre-cat / upstream sensors unless they have "(Post Catalytic Convertor)" in their description.

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