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MultiECUScan Electric Hood Adaptor (Adapter 4)

Purple adaptor cable for MultiECUScan for electric hood system coverage

Purple 16 pin break-out adaptor cable for the MultiECUScan software (Adapter 4).

Allows access to electric hood systems on some models without the need to modify your diagnostic interfaces.
Also includes additional pin connections to support future systems coverage.
MultiECUScan Electric Hood Adaptor (Adapter 4)


£ 9.95
In StockIn Stock

MultiECUScan Coloured Adaptor Cables

Additional system adaptor extension cables for MultiECUScan diagnostic software

All 4 16-pin break-out adaptor cables required for full coverage from the MultiECUScan software.

- Green cable (Adapter 1) to cover ABS and Power Steering systems
(Includes pin 12 required for Fiat Croma)
- Red cable (Adapter 2) to cover airbags
- Yellow cable (Adapter 3) to cover low-speed CAN systems.
- Purple cable (Adapter 4) to cover electric hood systems.
- Blue cable (Adapter 5) to cover MS-CAN systems.
- Grey cable (Adapter 6) to cover high-speed CAN systems.
MultiECUScan Coloured Adaptor Cables


£ 23.95
In StockIn Stock

MultiECUScan Hardware Only Bundle

Diagnostic interface & adaptor cable bundle for MultiECUScan diagnostic software

Hardware-only bundle for the MultiECUScan diagnostic package. Compatible with the shareware and licensed software versions.

Hardware included:
- ODBLink SX USB Interface
- 'KKL' (VAG-COM) USB interface
- Green ABS & Power Steering adaptor lead
- Red airbag adaptor lead
- Yellow CAN adaptor lead
- Purple electric hood adaptor lead
- Blue MS-CAN adaptor lead
- Grey high-speed CAN adaptor lead
This option does NOT include the MultiECUScan software.
MultiECUScan Hardware Only Bundle


£ 79.94
In StockIn Stock

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