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Apple Mac / MacOS Support

Apple Mac / MacOS Support

We're often asked whether a PC-based tool, or update software for a handheld tool, can be used with a Mac?
Unfortunately most computer-based automotive diagnostic tools require a Windows PC, but there are exceptions to the rule.
We'll try to outline the Mac support for our most popular tools here.

Got an Intel-based Macbook?

If you have an Intel-based Mac, and have some spare hard drive space, an option to consider is Apple's Boot Camp utility.
This allows you to partition off a portion of your HDD and install Windows onto it. Then each time your Mac starts up you choose whether to boot into MacOS or Windows. When in Windows it operates as a PC, so most, if not all, Windows applications should run OK.

MacOS / iOS Support by Package

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Tool Support
Support: No Mac Support

The Durametric software is a Windows application, so to use the package, you need a Windows PC.

Foxwell tools
Support: No Mac Support

All the current (and recent) standalone handheld tools from Foxwell use the FoxAssist, FoxScanner or NT Wonder software applications to install updates.
These apps all require a Windows PC.

The tablet systems however (i70, i80, GT90 etc.) are Wi-Fi enabled and so can download and install software updates without the need for a separate computer.
HEX GS-911
HEX GS-911
Support: USB - No Mac support; Wi-Fi - Mac Support when online

Similarly to VCDS, the main GS-911 software is a Windows application, so the USB enthusiast interface will only work with Windows.

If you buy a WiFi version, you can use it with a PC as above, but you can also use it through a web interface on almost any WiFi-enabled smart device (phone, tablet, Macbook, etc.) with a modern (HTML5 compliant) browser.
There is a caveat to that though:
  • If there is no WiFi internet connection available where you are working on the bike, you will have to use 'Device To Device' (D2D) mode.
    In this mode the GS-911 broadcasts it own WiFi network, which you connect to from your device.
    This means your device will not have Internet access, so you're limited to 'Emergency coverage' - essentially fault codes and live data.
  • If there is a WiFi network with Internet access available, (a WiFi hotspot on another phone would suffice), you can connect in 'Infrastructure' mode.
    In this mode both the device you are using and the GS-911 interface connect to the WiFi network.
    As your device will now have Internet access, you can use HEX's cloud server to get all the features of the Windows desktop application through the web interface.
If you have a Windows PC or a Mac, you can download a WiFi Utility app to register, update and configure your interface.
See the HEX Downloads page). If you don't have a Windows or MacOS computer, see HEX's WiFi Setup Guide.
Support: No Mac support; Some iOS support

The full MultiECUScan software is a Windows application, and will not run on MacOS.

However, MultiECUScan do offer a version of the software for iOS (iPhone & iPad) devices.
The iOS software is only available direct from MultiECUScan via the Apple App Store.

You will need an OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth interface, and (depending upon the vehicle you're connecting to) may also need 1 or more of the coloured adaptor cables.

Please note: Modules listed on MultiECUScan's Supported Vehicles list which support 'KL' interfaces, (but don't also support 'ELM' interfaces), are NOT supported by the iOS software.
Ross-Tech VCDS
Ross-Tech VCDS
Support: Partial Mac Support

The VCDS software is a Windows application, so to use the full capabilities of VCDS, you need a Windows PC.

The HEX-V2 is a USB interface, so will only work with the PC software.

The HEX-NET interface on the other hand will only offer the full coverage of VCDS through the PC app, but has some flexibility through VCDS-Mobile if you don't need the more complex functions, especially if you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network with internet access while working on the car.
VCDS-Mobile operates through a web browser, so can be used through any WiFi enabled device with a modern browser. See this page from Ross-Tech for more details.

Bear in mind though, that the HEX-NET interface packages still require a Windows PC to register and to install firmware updates.
Other tools More details coming soon...

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