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Home > Product FAQs > KKL interface - Windows 98/ME drivers

"KKL" VAG-COM Compatible Interface:

Windows 98/ME USB Driver Installation

Interface setup is very straightforward, and comprises 3 stages:
  1. Download the USB Drivers and the VCDS-Lite software
  2. Install the USB drivers for the interface
  3. Install and setup the VCDS-Lite software

Stage 1: Download the USB Drivers and the VCDS-Lite software

To get your interface up and running, you need to install software device drivers for the USB interface, and the VCDS-Lite software itself to connect to the car. You can download them from the following locations:

USB Device Drivers:


Save both of these in a folder on your computer. You will need to come back to it to run the VCDS-Lite installer later.

Stage 2: Install the USB drivers for the interface

Note: screenshots shown from Windows 98 - Windows Millennium Edition may look slightly different, but the process will be the same.
If you are on Windows 2000 or later, you need different drivers - please see the guide that came with your interface cable.

  • Important: Do NOT plug the USB interface into your PC yet - you need to install the software drivers first!

  • Browse to the location where you downloaded the files, and double-click on the vagusb98.exe file to begin the driver installation process. You should then see the following screen:

    Begin the installation

  • Click the "Install" button, and the program will extract the device driver files to a folder on your desktop called "VAG USB Drivers".
    While doing so a progress bar will appear as below, then when it has completed the program will close:

    files copying...

  • When the extraction has finished, and the program has closed, plug the USB interface cable in to to your computer. This should start the "Add New Hardware Wizard". When it does so, click Next

    Add New Hardware Wizard

  • Select "Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended)" as shown below and then click "Next"

    Search for the best driver for your device

  • Make sure only "Specify a location:" is ticked, then click 'Browse' and browse to the C:\Windows\Desktop\VAG USB Drivers folder. Then click Next

    Specify a location

  • Windows will then search the folder for a suitable driver, and should come back with the message as below. Click Next...

    Click Next

  • Windows will copy the required files to the computer - this can take a little while on older computers. It will then display a message indicating the installation is complete. Click "Finish"

    Installation completed

    PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, Windows may then go through the driver installation process a second time, to install a secondary component of the interface, during which time you may see this:

    New Hardware Found

    If this happens, wait until the process completes.
    The device is now ready for use.

Checking the driver installation

To confirm that the drivers are correctly installed you need to open the Windows Device Manager. To do this:
  • Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel

  • Double-click on System
    (if "System" does not appear on the list, there should be a link on the left-hand-side marked "If you don't see an option you are looking for, view all Control Panel options". Click on that link. You should then be able to see System).

  • When the System Properties window opens, Select the Device Manager tab

  • Click the + symbol next to the Ports (COM & LPT) heading

  • The device should appear with the label USB Serial Port (COMx)
Please make a note of the number shown after the word COM - this will be the setting you will use in the VCDS-Lite software.

Check port number in Device Manager

Stage 3: Install and setup the VCDS-Lite software

  • Double-click on the VCDS-Lite-x.x-Installer.exe file you downloaded from the Ross-Tech website, and follow the installation procedure through until it completes.

  • The first time you run VCDS-Lite after installation, click on the Options button. You should then see this screen:

    Set the port in VAG-COM

  • Under "Select COM Port", choose the COM port number you noted down from the Device Manager, then click Test.
    If the test reports back ok, then click Save.

  • VAG-COM is now ready to use.
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