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  Home Product FAQs ELM Chipset Interfaces: Windows Vista

ELM Chipset Interfaces:

Windows Vista USB Driver Installation

Interface setup is very straightforward, and comprises 3 stages:
  1. Download and install the EngineCheck / VauxCheck diagnostics software or USB device drivers
  2. Setup the drivers
  3. Activate the EngineCheck software

Stage 1: Download and install EngineCheck / VauxCheck or USB drivers
  • If you purchased your interface along with our EngineCheck or VauxCheck software, follow the download instructions emailed to you for the software

    - If you have purchased a package from us but not received this email, please email us at
    - If you purchased the EngineCheck Pro package, the software will have been supplied to you on CD.

    - Once you have downloaded the EngineCheck setup file, double-click it to begin the setup.

    - Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

    - Once the setup has finished, please continue to Stage 2.
  • If you purchased the ELM interface from us on its own (i.e. without EngineCheck, EngineCheck Pro or VauxCheck), then please download and run the driver installation file from here before continuing.

Stage 2: Setup the drivers

  • With EngineCheck and VauxCheck version 2.0 and above, the driver install for Windows Vista is automatically completed when you install the software onto the machine, so you shouldn't need to manually configure it.

  • Plug the USB cable (with interface attached) into a spare USB port on your PC. This will launch the Windows "Found New Hardware Wizard":

    Devices ready to use

  • After a short while, Windows should pop up another message to say that your new hardware has been successfully installed:

    Found New Hardware Wizard

    If so, installation is now complete, and you can jump straight to activating the software.

Checking the driver installation
To confirm that the drivers are correctly installed:

  • Open the Device Manager.
    - To do this, open the windows Control Panel and select "Classic View" in the top-left corner.
    Then select the Device Manager option in Control Panel:

    Control Panel

    Depending on your windows settings, you may have to click OK to a "User Account Control" security warning

  • When Device Manager opens, click the + symbol next to the heading
    Ports (COM & LPT)

  • The device should appear with the label "USB Serial Port (COMx)"

Check port number in Device Manager

  • Please make a note of the number shown after the word COM - if EngineCheck is unable to locate your inteface automatically, this will be the COM port number you will need to use in the software.

  • Should you need to reinstall the drivers, our software also installs a copy of the driver setup file onto your PC.

  • If you purchased your interface from us along with the EngineCheck or VauxCheck software, then look in the folder in which you installed the software
    (usually C:\Program Files\EngineCheck or C:\Program Files\VauxCheck)
    - There should be file named "elminstall.exe"
    - Run that file to reinstall the drivers
    - If you cannot locate the file, you can download the same drivers from here.

  • Please note, if you purchased your interface from another retailer, our USB drivers may not work for you, in which case you may need to contact the retailer or manufacturer to obtain updated drivers.

Stage 3: Activate the software

The first time you run the software, you will be required to enter your activation details - these details will be in your welcome email.

Double click the EngineCheck icon, or select:
Start > All Programs > EngineCheck > EngineCheck
...from the Windows Start menu.
Double-Click EngineCheck on your desktop
- The activation window will appear, and will show you a unique "PC code" number generated by your PC (as illustrated)

- Go to and enter the details from the email, and your PC code.
Your activation keys will then be emailed to you.
(If you do not receive this email within a few hours, please contact us on 01792 588002)

- Enter your details and click Activate

PLEASE NOTE: the activation details are case-sensitive, so must be entered exactly as shown on the activation email.

EngineCheck Activation Screen
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