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Terms and conditions


Gendan Limited does not make any warranties or promises about completeness or accuracy of the information contained within this online database.

Any definitions or information should be used as a guide only, and should be used in conjunction with relevant service and technical information.

Gendan Limited shall not in any event be liable for any losses or damage caused as a result of reliance-on or use of this information.

The database is designed and offered as a general-purpose product, not for any user's particular purpose. Users accept that no such product is error-free.


We endeavour to ensure that this system is available at all times. However due to the nature of the internet, and of the computers themselves, we cannot guarantee that this service will always be available.

Where a problem occurs, we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

We reserve the right to carry out planned maintenance - wherever possible, this will be done at times of low usage.


We currently have no restrictions on account creation. We do however reserve the right to refuse to create an account for any reason, or to terminate an account where we feel we have reason to do so.

Anyone that we feel may be abusing the service will have their account terminated without notice.

Withdrawal of service

Gendan Limited reserves the right to withdraw this service at any time. In the unlikely event that the service is withdrawn, paying subscribers will receive a pro-rata refund of monies paid for any time remaining of their subscription.


Privacy Policy

Whether you register as a user, contact us with an enquiry or subscribe to our mailing list, we will NOT sell or rent your details to third parties.

As a registered DTCodebank user, we may contact you from time-to-time by email to provide you with details of new products or services, or with information on developments to this system. We will endeavour to ensure that no more than 2 such messages are sent per month.



Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer (or smartphone / tablet etc) by websites, and which collect certain data from you. Some of these cookies are crucial to the way a website works, for example keeping track of what's in your shopping basket. Others perform less essential tasks like storing your preferences.
If you would like more information about what cookies are, how they work, and how to restrict their usage in your browser settings, there are many informative sites on the internet such as

We try to put the bare minimum of cookies on your computer. The cookies we do use are:

  • cb_key and cb_session - These are used to log you into the site. Without these the site will not function as you will be unable to login.
  • cb_pref - This is stored if you switch between the desktop and mobile versions of the website. It stores your preference so we show you the correct version of the site.
None of the cookies we use include any personal identifiable data.

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