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OBD-II, EOBD and VAG trouble code definitions

What is this?

This is an online library of EOBD, OBD-II and VAG (VW Audi Group) automotive fault code definitions.

We currently have more than 21,000 code definitions within our database, and it is still growing.

Got a fault code on your car? See if we can help find you a definition...

Which makes do we cover?

Our database currently includes both generic definitions and manufacturer-specific definitions.

Generic definitions apply to all manufacturers, i.e. the same code will mean the same whether on a BMW or a Ford car.

Manufacturer-specific definitions are unique to a particular manufacturer (and sometimes to a particular model).

Can't find the diagnostic port?

Paying subscribers can now also access our database of diagnostic port locations - complete with photos for many vehicles.

Our port location database is new, but growing rapidly...

3 simple ways to access our library
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What else does
Gendan Limited do?

We are a UK-based car diagnostics specialist. Please visit our online diagnostic tools store by clicking here.

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How much does it cost?

You can sign up and use the service for FREE. The free account gives you a limited number of searches per week.

If you find you need to use the service more often, you can upgrade your account.

Searches per week Price per year
3 fault codes FREE
50 fault codes
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GBP £12.00 pa
100 fault codes
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